Saturday, July 2, 2011

Trying my hand at writing

Hey guys, Sorry for the lack of content lately. I think that i just burned my self out tying to post something new every day. So here is what I am going to try to do.
1. Post at least once a week
2. I am trying my hand a fiction writing and will probably be putting a lot of what I write on the blog to see what you guys think and get some feed back. Please don't be shy or nice. If it really sucks let me know. If you liked even some of it let me know.

Ok well here is what I have come up with so far. I hope at least some of you guys like it.

Two nights ago I woke up in a cold sweat. Hey guys, my name is Kaden Matthews and I want to share my, well for lack of a better word, adventure. I had that weird feeling that I had just woke up in a strange place. But as I looked around I saw the same old junk. The miniscule 13” television, the pile of clothes in the corner that is always in doubt whether they are clean or dirty, and the evil cat that always seems to be awake and staring at me (creepy).  So I calmed down and got up to get some water. But as I looked out the window I saw what I will forever call the strangest sight I have ever seen. A small boy, no more than two or three walking down the street and I’m not sure how to say this so I will just come out and say it.  The kid was smoking. And not just a cigarette. He had one of those smallish cigars which was made even more weird by the fact that all the kid was wearing was a diaper. Gods I thought, I’ve lost it. I finally snapped, gone the way of hobo. So I will be walking the streets screaming about the end of days and cigar smoking infants.
                Anyways, here I am standing in my kitchen and I can’t take my eyes off this kid and I guess he finally notices me because the he suddenly turns towards me give me a look that says “what the hell do you want” and takes the cigar out of his mouth and says , goo ga ga then blows a raspberry at me. I mean what the hell is going on here. When I don’t respond he seems to get aggravated and comes closer to the window. I can’t help but watch him as he gets closer but when he gets right up to the house I lose sight of him. So I thought to myself, why not open the window and see where he went. After I finally got the window open I stick my head out and there he is just standing there looking at me the he repeats what he said the first time. Goo ga ga then blows another raspberry only this time louder like I’m stupid or something. Then he just walks off and I slam the window shut as fast as I can and go back to my bed.
                For the next couple of hours I just laid there trying to figure out what just happened. Surely I didn’t just go mad or something. That takes years to happen, right?  Finally I fall asleep and don’t wake up for a few good hours. I wake up and its morning and everything looks normal. I take a peek out the window and see normal people walking around and talking on their cell phones and seemingly going about the days. But when I start to focus on things in more detail I notice things. Things like a mom pushing a baby stroller around and when she reaches down to touch the baby she gets smacked but stays leaned over for a few seconds then straightens up and has the look of someone who has been scolded. Weird, right.
                But you know what, that is not the worst of it. For some stupid reason I decided that I would be a good idea to outside and take a look around just to make sure that I wasn’t crazy. Unfortunately as soon I walked out the door I can face to face with that same boy for the night before. I froze. And just stared at him. But this time when he opened his mouth to talk I heard “What? You didn’t hear me last night. What are you staring at man. You got……” That’s as far as I got as my jaw literally hit the ground and knocked me out.  Right before I passed out I heard someone say, “shit, why do they always pass out like that.”