Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Redneck Grocery Cart

Ever wonder the laziest way to get your groceries down a flight of stairs. Well I have been having that though for a long time now. I have thought about building something or buying something but can never think of what to build or buy. Well tonight I had a Eureka moment. In the trunk of my wife's car is the stroller she uses to get my neice around when we baby sit. Now I have found a whole new use for it.

Also this contraption seems to make a great cat carrier.


This is just going to be a short post. As Gina and I were walking around the mall the other day we saw the coolest car I have ever seen. A Maserati.

Just one problem. Did you see that price tag!!!!!

Short Weekend and Dying in Class

So when I got to work Saturday I got a call from one of the supervisors telling me that I was going to start the a training class on Monday. Which means one thing. ONE DAY WEEKEND. That sucks. So that Gina and I would get the most out of the one day we went to Gangis Grill to get some good food and to let my wife try something new. It was great. Although I will have to admit I might have put alittle too much spice in it and went through 3 glasses of sweat tea. After that Gina and I went to the Mall to spend some money. All I ended up getting was a new tripod for my camera and I have to tell you that it works great. Now here I sit in class trying not to fall asleep. Not that the class is boring but when you are used to working under houses and such sitting down for 8 hours can make you want to sleep. On top of all that I have some serious sinus stuff going on or I am in the midst of a cold. Either of which sucks. So on that note I will appoligize that I have not posted in a few day. Hope all are having a good day.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just another update

Well today was pretty boring. I spent about 4 hours at my first install today. The only reason that happened was because of Murphy. You know, that thing called Murphy's Law which states  "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". As I was trying to tone out the damn cable lines one of them would not tone. So I took of the wall plate to find that, wouldn't you know it there was no line in the wall. I got the privilege of spending the next hour going in and out of the attic trying to get the most stubborn line in the world to run back into the right spot. After that I finally got to start putting the boxes on the account. The problem is out of the 3 boxes I put on the account 2 of them decided that they did not want to work right, which meant more multiple trips to the truck that wasted more time. After finally getting 3 working boxes on the account I got to start working on the phone and internet. Yea me. Now the internet part was easy but the phone part turned into another kind of hell. After getting dial tone I plugged into the phone jack on the wall and found out that there was a short in the line. Now if any of you have every worked on phone you know what kind of crap it is to deal with. Anyways I got to spend a while longer finding that. And after all that finally done with that.

Now for my last bit of stuff for today is that on my way home I saw what I can only call the best mobile tv source ever.
Notice the dish on the back. My only question is who get to stand out there and adjust it in the rain.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Pain In The Butt

My first job was a business trouble call. I went out there to fix their internet problem. Now to start with when I got there and had to get into the maintenance closet I soon found out that I would get to sit down and wait for the building manager to bring me the key to open the closet, just to find out that what i needed was not in that room. What I needed to find was the splitter that fed the office. Now while in the process of looking through the ceiling tiles, Your going to love this, I was looking in the ceiling while standing on a step-stool that the assistant had given me to use when suddenly I found myself sitting on the floor. Now ask yourself how did this happen. WELL let me tell you. While I was looking around I suddenly heard a loud crack then found myself falling straight down. Now the time it took me to fall was I would guess about a second or less but in that time I got my right arm hooked on the old tv that was below me which in turn made my legs smack against the cabinet doors which then caused me to fall sideways the rest of the way to the floor. Now thankfully I didn't break anything but damn it really hurt. What might suck worse it that after my fun fall I still ended up spending about 2 more hours at this place trying to fix the problem. Finally after that I got to go to my next call which started off great. The two HUGE dogs tied to a tree would not let my van any further than halfway up the driveway but thankfully after getting to the door the customer did not end up being home. After a nice lunch of McDonald's. I went to my next call and almost crapped my pants when I discovered that I was going to have to a 3 lines to this ladies house. But thankfully when she found out how long this job was going to take she rescheduled. At 5:30 I picked up one more job in the hopes of something easy. Unfortunately that did not happen. I ended up having to change a 250ft drop cable by myself just to discover that I was going to have to go under the house. By now it is 7:00pm. Thank god the customer had to go somewhere because he rescheduled the rest of the job. Well there you go the day from hell. Hope you enjoyed.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Zoo Day

With todays post I would like to start with one little word from a friend of mine.

Today was a fun day spent with friends. My wife and I went with another couple and their kids to the Nashville Zoo today. It was a great time. When we first got there we went around and saw the meerkats and I think the best part was all the kids running around and asking what everything was and asking if they could get on my shoulders so they could see better. I would have to say the only part that is bad about the Zoo is that when it gets hot it feels like it takes forever to walk around the damn thing. If you want to see all the pictures I took of the animals just follow this link Zoo Day Pics . Now at the end of this trip we let the kids go and play on the playground in the Zoo. Which I swear used to be fun. But now it is alot of work when you have to follow the kids through all of these places that are not built for a fully grown man. But I will admit to laughing a little when I fell flat on my face on the rope ladder/stairs. I quickly stopped laughing when I found out that my friends son had eluded him and I in this stupid tower thing that is barely big enough for 1 kid let alone me. So here we go, pushing kids out of the way racing though this damn maze of jungle gyms, racing to find this kid who thought it would be funny to hide from us for a little while. Thank God we found him sitting on the edge of one of the step leading down to a rope ladder. After all that we went to Fazolis to get some lunch, and while we usually have great service I was greatly considering going back to the Zoo to get one of the monkeys becasuse I bet that he could have done a better job than these people did. But alls well that ends well. So after an eventful day I say my good nights. And wish you all a great day.

An afternoon with the Cornhole

Tonight my friend and his girlfriend from Kentucky came over and brought over a surprise. A couple of "CORNHOLE" boards and and some beanbags. Now for those of you that don't know what a "CORNHOLE" is, I will tell you. It is pretty much just a fancy term for beanbag toss mixed with horseshoes. By the way the girlfriend does not it when I compare it to horseshoes. So of course I just had to say it (muhahaha). Anyways, after a few games in I thought it would be A good idea to change up the teams so I asked my friend to play me in a game of paper, rock, scissors, to find out who was going to change teams. Now while this sounds like an easy thing to do.  But somehow we kept screwing it up. This game turned into a 10 min laugh fest while we kept trying to figure out the damn count. after finally figuring this stupid game that we learned in elementary school we got the teams switched around. We had a few more game and then decided to call it a night with that and went in to play some kinect and of course every time we get around to playing this something seems to happen to make us crack up. Well this times event was when my friend and i were playing the kinect sports, track and field game. For some reason this time I was sucking it up but my friend was doing worse, or so i though. We were on the Javelin part and for some reason all i could through was about 30 meters then my  friend gets up there and god knows how threw over 100 meters which proceeded to piss me off. after getting done with the kinect we sat down to watch the new movie Unstoppable and I thought it was pretty good. Alright guys it is now 2 in the morning and I think it is time for sleep. Goodnight to all.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Changing the channel

Here is a little update from me , this is a video of one I'd my customers changing the channel on his tv with a harmonica.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I saw Saturn. Holy Crap

Alright guys, today I am not going to bore anyone with my work day. Except maybe for my customer you pretty much admitted to being a celebrity stalker "assistant" for her sister. But that is a story for another night.
So do you remember when you were a kid and you would look up in the sky and and see a star or look at the moon and think "man it would be really cool to go there". Well tonight I got as close to that as I have ever been. My friend Patrick just loves to build things. This time he built a telescope. I came outside tonight to see what he was doing and found him sitting in the grass looking through through the scope. He told me to take a look at Saturn. I was like " oh yea sure like that can happen". Well sure enough I stuck my eye up to the eye piece and looked at Saturn and holy shit I COULD SEE THE RINGS AROUND IT, I actually Laughed Out Loud. LOL.  Seriously how many people can actually say that. This is the first time in a long time that I have felt like a kid. I just couldn't stop looking at it. Then he did something that just blew my mind. He moved the telescope towards the moon. And I tell you what all the pictures in the world will never be able to compete with how it looked through the scope. There is just this moment when you are looking at this stuff and you find that you can't stop smiling. I would have to say if you ever get the chance to look at some of this stuff I would suggest that you jump on it because believe me you will agree that no picture you saw in a science book at school will never again look as good. Hope everyone has a great one.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Day In Paradise

Today was just another normal day. Got to work in Franklin this morning just to find out that .......wait for it........wait for it......I got to work in Murfreesboro AGAIN. Which in and of itself is not bad. But for some reason it just seems to be getting on my nerves. Anyways the first part of the day was just like normal its Tuesday so it was time to get new equipment and turn in the old stuff. My first two jobs were actually pretty nice. 1.no dial tone, called and got no answer, knocked on door and customer said everything was working just fine. One word for that "huh". Whatever. 2. Missing Channels, got there to find out she was missing channels she wasn't paying for, easy enough, pay for them or get get used to.  What does that equal out to? An easy morning. Except for that inevitable moment when you realize you have to...lets just say it rhymes with " I have to take a giant number do"and you realize the nearest place is a few miles away. I don't know about you but somehow a few miles can start to feel like a 2 hour drive. So after "dropping the kids of at the pool" , if you laughed great if you didn't then you need to hang out with some younger people, I went to my next job which was pretty routine. the last job however was a little strange. First off the guys apartment was about the size of a Lincoln, just a little taller. He was a really cool guy except for the brief moment when his friend came over to roll a joint with him. I mean really. You can't wait a hour for me to do what I need to do before you do that kinda thing. Come on people don't be that stupid. The best part of this customer was that as I was getting ready to leave he said he was going to ride down to walmart. Then he got on a bicycle and RODE to walmart, weaving in and out of traffic the whole time. Gods what a great day. Hope everyone has a great night and sleep tight.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Traveling, Taxes, and Testing

This weekend was way to busy. To start off immediately after work I rushed home to get changed so the wife and I could head to the in-laws in Chattanooga, Woooo Hoo. Note the sarcasm. I hate traveling. We got into town at around 9 P.M. The next morning we got up and went to Waffle House. Man I love that place. It's a wonder that I am not fatter than I am with that place in business. Anyways, after that I left the wife in the capable hands of her dad to go and do our taxes(I will tell you about the fun end results of that later). After leaving the restaurant I went to see some old friend in Red Bank. my first stop was my old neighbor. Me and him sat there for about an hour and talked and played catch up. After that my adhd started kicking in and I noticed that there was a pile of wood in the yard and then I noticed an ax. So of course I just had to give it a try. Well the first few swings either went wide or were a little timid. But once I got in the groove of things I actually started laughing for some reason. i believe my exact words were something along the lines of  HOLY CRAP THIS FEELS GREAT, I CAN'T BELIEVE I'VE NEVER DONE THIS, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, And yes I actually laughed like that. Anyways after that I went to visit my old friend who I have know for at least 20 years. He is the owner of a thrift store in Red Bank. Me and him just spent a lot of time talking about what has been going in our lives.Which for me is always nice because he may be one of the few people in the world who can truly make me laugh. Anyways after that I went back to the in-laws to discover that for some reason I now have to pay the tax man a couple hundred dollars. Which entirely pissed me off to no end. So for the next hour I was going back and rechecking the numbers which ended up being correct. So to you tax man I give you the finger
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') 
..........''...\.......... _.·´ 

Anyways after that we finally got to come home and pass out. Today (Monday) for me was pretty boring. I woke up about 9:30 and played some video games and watched some television. Gina got home around 5:00 and made a great ham&potato soup. After that I went and talked to Patrick about the podcast and we did some test shoots and I also I made a logo for the podcast and also helped him work on a telescope he has been working on for awhile. Now I am sitting here trying to type while my wife is watching the Bachelor and while I don't like the show my adhd kicks in and I can't seem to stop sneaking peaks. Well I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great night.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Overlooking Tradegy

On this blog I usually try to be funny but tonight I was laying down watching American Idol when a thought struck me. Here I am enjoying my night when on the other side of the world hundreds are dead and thousands cry out for help. In the dessert there has been thousands of deaths of our brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. Thousands more grieve here at home for the fallen. Now what has made me think of all this tonight? Well to start with, My brother Michael is going to be shipped out later this year to Afghanistan. Second on the news I have hearing about the earthquake in Japan. I don't even know anybody in Japan and for some reason I find myself feeling utterly sick at the loss of life. But what I notice is that hardly anyone gives these events and deaths a second thought after the story on the news goes off and switches to the story "State troopers look to drop 'Highway' from name", I mean yes this might be interesting by the smallest of margins, by who really cares except the guys who wear the badges. If that is news then I would like to not be called a cable guy but instead an "RF Signal Technician". Again I simply ask WHO CARES.But just like normal I digress. What I would like everybody to take away from this is simple. When you find yourself bored with your life and wish something would just happen to give you a little excitement. Stop and think of all the people that got a little excitement lately and thank god, have a moment of silence, or whatever your religion or belief will let you do, that your life is not that exciting.

Thank you guys for listening to me on a serious topic.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A productive day

Considering the weather today I was sure that today was gonna suck. But on the contrary, while most of the day seemed to drag on my next to last job was fairly informative. While I was chasing down some noise at this guys house him and I started talking about blogging and podcasting. The first of which I am doing(duh) and the second is in the works with my friend. What was great was that this customer was really cool about answering any of my questions about podcasting i.e what is the best way to get viewers, how ofter should we do it, and so on and so forth. If anyone would like to check out his podcast his link is www.sharepointpodshow.com.

Other than that today was pretty uneventful so I will supplement it with a funny music video.
Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A day of randomness

Today was a little short on blog worthy stuff but here goes.
My first job today should have been a piece cake. Well it didn't quite go according to plan. While I was getting out of the van and trying to set up my ladder I happened to notice that there was a dog next to the house I was working at. I didn't think anything of it. I mean come on in my line of work I see dogs all the time. Now here is the fun part. While I was up on the top of the ladder I looked down and notice that the dog I had scene earlier was sitting at the bottom of my ladder. Now this has happened before but this time he decided to sit there and start barking at me and forced me to stand on top of the ladder for about 10 minutes. Finally after getting bored he went away and gave me just enough time to get the ladder on the truck, throw my tools in the back of the truck before he came back. This time I got stuck in the back of the van for 5 minutes. Thought I would never get out of that driveway but thank god for small favors. Another dog showed up and got the big ones attention and i hauled ass out of there.
At one of my other jobs I nearly made my customer pee herself. After having to climb the ladder at this house at least 5 times to check stuff I was really getting mad and decided to take out some of my frustration, so I started hitting the guy wire between two poles because I love the sound that the wire makes when you hit it. Its kind of like Twaaaaaaaang , Twaaaaaaaang, back and forth down the wire( ah just thinking about it makes me laugh). Well apparently the customer was watching and just thought this was the funniest thing she had seen.
The only other thing i have to say today is something that popped in my head today " The only stupid question is a question you don't ask" and yes I actually told a customer this who asked me if she could ask "a stupid question"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


LOL, Its a term we all use. Wikipedia defines LOL as an abbreviation for laughing out loud, or laugh out loud, is a common element of Internet slang. It was used historically on Usenet but is now widespread in other forms of computer-mediated communication, and even face-to-face communication. Here is my thought. When someone says LOL are they actually sitting in their chair or walking down the street laughing out loud. I doubt it. Instead they are probably laughing inside or LI, they might not be laughing at all. but just feeling bad they cant do what you want them to so they say LOL to make it a lighter no. Why not just type HAHAHAHAHA, its just as easy. God bless us in 20 years when the kids of today take over our tomorrow. OH NO. No one will be able to actually write anything coherent. And for my final thought on this topic I draw your attention to the underlined words above. COME ON "FACE TO FACE COMMUNICATION" What idiot actually looks someone in the face and says "OH MY GOD THAT IS SO LOL, DUDE" I will warn all, if anyone does this to me there is a good chance I might have to hit you. OK well that all for now I hope you all had a good day,LOL (HA I GOT YOU)

Monday, March 7, 2011

My lazy day with the dying wife.

After a somewhat heart pounding night of playing video games, Kinect sports will really make your heart race. I finally got to bed around 3:30. After I got comfortable Gina decided to talk to me and scare the shit out of me. Excuse me for thinking she was asleep. After that I noticed that she was not breathing right and she told me she could not sleep. After she laid back I figure she was trying to sleep so I passed out. When I woke up this morning I heard the tv on in the livingroom and just figured that I forgot to turn it off. NOPE. There she was still here. This seems be becoming a trend. Her not doing what she is normally doing. As the day progressed she seemed to be getting better THANK GOD. Well that is enough of the boring stuff. If you will remember yesterday I posted a few videos of my friends dancing to the Kinect and Megan swore she would get me back. Well here it is.
 After I finally got dried off Patrick and I went out to the garage to talk about a project we are thinking about doing. Drum roll please, PODCASTING. Yes thats right I am seriously considering my ugly mug on camera for the whole world to see on a somewhat regular basis. What do you guys think, should Patrick and I try to do a podcast. Would you guys watch it. Let me know. Oh yea I also got to see the space station and the shuttle discovery tonight in the sky. I know they just looked like stars but it was really cool in a nerdy way. And one more side note. Is it just me or is mexican take-out just not as good as all the other take-outs you can get. It just seems to get soggy to me. One more BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, HA you thought I was gonna keep going didn't you. Every one have a great night.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shopping and Dancing

After getting home at 2am for the club last night Gina and I slept till about 11 this morning and just enjoyed laying in bed and watching a little American Idol on the DVR. About 1 we headed to my friends house to play some games but it seemed we were not expected to actually show up so we ended up watching Faster which was pretty good just not what i thought it was going to be like. After that we went shopping. At walmart I got a new video camera, which I will show some video i shot from it later. Still not sure I will keep this one or take it back for a different one. After that we went to Game Stop. There we got the Kinect for the xbox and a few games. We got Dance Central, Kinect Sports, and the one that cane with it Kinect Adventures. Once we fianlly got home we had our neighbors Patrick and Megan come over to try it out with us. Now to say this was funny does not give the experience justice. Here is a couple of videos.
Now this last video is of Megan catching me recording her. The best part is that she calls me Marcus which is not me but the one friend who is constantly annoying her.

Now the wife and I are just chilling watching starwars. Hope everyone has a great night and we'll talk later.

Birthday Party-Party Night

Yesterday was my nephews 4th birthday party. It was a great time with lots of family and friends. Last night was fun for me, my wife, and some friends. We went to Momma's Country, yes that is what it is called people, I mean what do you expect in small towns other than a honky tonk. Well Gina and I went out there to me 4 of our friends which would have been great. But what ended up happening was after we got there old friends started showing up. We ended up with 13 people standing and sitting around this really small table, it was funny because with that many people every time the waitress would clean up the table we would all just sit down the bottles we were holding and the table would be full again. The night ended up being a lot of fun. Derrick got really drunk and started laughing at everything that happened around us. All in all the night was a good one, got to dance with my wife which hasn't happened in a really long time. Although something I noticed was somehow my wifes boobs seem to be too big to hug her while dancing.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Little Fun

This may be a strange topic but I thought i needed a little levity in the blog. So have you ever been sitting down to long with your elbows on you knees and you legs fall asleep. Come on guys you know where I am talking about, I like to call it the library. Now when you get up and your feet try to get some blood back to your toes you get that stinging sensation, and i know some might disagree but OH MY GOD THAT HURTS LIKE NOTHING ELSE. Its like stepping on needles for what seems like forever right.This phenomenon just recently happened to me and to keep from falling over I of course grabbed on to my wife who thought it would be funny to move around, which of course makes it hurt that much more. Now here is what I want to know, How would you describe this experience when it happens to you, and come on don't play like it don't ,I 'm watching you.What do you do to get rid of it and how do you screw with people when it happens to them  Leave your response in the comments and lets see who has the best story.

Bone Tired

Anybody ever have that day where when you get to work you just know its going to be a great day. Tue sun is shining the birds are singing, and all that other Disney stuff you see on cartoons is going on. Well that was my morning. Now how many times has that been ripped away from you so hard that you are sire you justgot hit by a mac truck. Welcome to the rest of my day. So fun thing one, my first customer was a nice guy but kept telling me that I didn't need to do ALL that work I was doing . Unfortunately yea i did, all two and a half hours of it . Fun thing two. Got yelled at by a guy because apparently we were supposed to be there yesterdayand he wasnt home today so no I could not come over today. Yea me. And the final thing that just put this over today over the edge was my last customer which informed me that yes at 6:30 at night I am supposed to add her new line. Now I don't blame her I blame what ever moron took her call and decided to ignore that fact will setting up her call in the first place. So here it is 10:30 at night and I have been home for all of a hour. Goodnight all hope your day was better, oh yea if you hear a horn tomorrow just jump under the nearest hiding place and let the truck just pass you by. Trust me, it hurts to the bone.
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Breaking and Entering

Ok, this morning sucked. I found out there is every chance that I am going to lose my neighbor soon. Him and I have become pretty good friends over the last year or so. When I walked upstairs this morning to go to work I found him and his wife standing outside just looking at her car. When I walked over there I found out that her car had been broken into, for the second time in 6 months. And this time these jackasses took her computer for work, so not only did they inconvenience them but they also put her job in jeopardy. I mean really why do people have to do stupid and selfish things like this. What can a few idiots with less than one braincell a piece do with an old laptop that is locked up tight, sell it for some crack. I mean really if you are that desperate get a job like the rest of us and buy you junk. at least that way you might pay some taxes and god forbid get off welfare and stop spending the money I work my ass off for because you too lazy. And if I find out these are just a couple of kids with nothing better to do god help me if I find you, because they will have to call the cops to come get me off of you for being such a.... damn I am running out of good adjectives to use for you idiots. So now I call Patrick and he tells me that hell or high water he is moving, and you know what that just really pisses me off to no end. Oh and here is another good part the apartment complex that I live in has a sign that says "This area patrolled by security" HAHAHAHAHAHA what a damn joke.
Well I think I have complained enough so to all a good night, and hopes that all you cars are whole in the morning.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Punch in the Nuts

Today started out as a pretty boring day. In fact it was pretty boring until about noon today. Sometime around that I called my dispatcher to try and get some work because I had nothing to do. Well as you can guess after being at work for a few hours with not much to do and having just eaten lunch I was pretty sleepy and I guess I sounded like it. So while I was on the phone with dispatcher ( lets call her Steph) she was giving me a hard time about it. Well after waiting for a while for a job from Steph I finally got off the phone. Just two minutes later I got another call from my old dispatcher ( lets call her a pain in my butt) who thought it would be funny to give me hell about sounding tired in the middle of the day. So after listening to her for a few minutes I finally got to go to my job. Here is the fun part. I rang the doorbell at this house and a little girl answered the door, right behind her was this fairly large dog who decided he wanted to get a running start at my "Jewels" so when he hit I ended up laying on the front porch for a few minutes catching my breath and suddenly sounding like Michael Jackson. Last thing for the work day, now we go to the house where for dinner my wife and I could not decide what kind of chicken we wanted to make so we went with the good old fashioned method of making it up as we went. What we ended up with was four different pieces of chicken. one with a mix of Dijon mustard, bread crumbs, Parmesan,  garlic and an egg to hold it all together. Lets start praying for not getting food poisoning now. The second one had bread crumbs and chili powder. The third had crumbs and steak seasoning, and the fourth had more mustard, garlic, and crumbs. Results are still to come.

Waking up and wondering about Weight

Here I am again waking up in the morning and just thinking of things. The big thing on my mind today is my weight. I just sit and think about how when I met my wife I was 175lbs. Now that I am in the so called COMFORT part of marriage I am around 235 lbs, and that might be low balling it. I mean honestly when you are that weight who wants to step on a scale and remind themselves of it all the time. So here is my plan, This weekend I am going to get my bonus and I think I am going to buy a new video camera.What I think I would like to do is take a picture of my self in the mirror and then use the video camera to take video of what I do to get in shape. But here is the thing I have no idea what to do. So I put this to anyone who reads this, if you can help me by telling what I can eat or what I can do to actually keep doing this.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just another day...DOH!!!!

Well today seemed to start out pretty normal. Did the whole morning routine before work. But things started off great when i finally got to work. Today I got my yearly evaluation, which came with a good review, a bonus, and a raise. So to this morning i just have to say HOLY CRAP IS THIS A DREAM, I THOUGHT WE WERE IN A RECESSION. So after coming down from the high of the morning I went to lunch, 2 sandwiches, bag of chip, and some fruit snacks(yum). Now here is where the day starts to get cool again. I walk in to my fist job which is to install TV, internet, and phone and the first thing i notice is that in the middle of this apartment there is an old time gas pump and a girl building a desk, I think i must have stepped into an alternate universe for both of these to be happing at the same time. Once I finally got done with that job I then proceeded to cancel my next one and the one dispatch gave me to do to make up for the first one. So with out anything to do my dispatched decided to get me to help my friend derrick work on a pretty massive install. When we finally got to this install we ended up having to replace 4 cable lines, run a new line to the street, redo the entire outside box,replace 2 phone jacks and then install all the equipment. But wait this job was not all bad news, the customer had a full size Simpsons Arcade game in his garage. And yes I did try it out, I mean what kind of idot does not at least try it once.
Well thats my day, take from it what you will and leave the rest for the dogs please.