Monday, May 9, 2011

50 Questions Day 1

50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind

  1. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
              My current age is 25. Most people including myself would tell you however that I act like someone who is both older and younger at the same time.  Those that know me personally will tell you that on one side of the coin I don't like to hang out and party or go clubbing. I pretty much just like to sit at home with the wife and watch television and read, a lot. From talking with people from different parts of the country I have come to find out that for my age this is pretty weird and a lot of the time seem to make me look like I am 28 or 29. 
Now on the other side of the coin I have some serious ADHD issues and will get distracted in the middle of sentences, Like this one time at an old job a bunch of us were standing outside talking on break and in the middle of a sentence I stopped and because i saw this really huge snow flake falling, by the time I noticed what had happened everyone was laughing at me. I love to get new toys(electronics) and I still play a lot of video games. Also I am very curios and energetic, almost to a fault sometimes. This side of the coin makes me seem like I am 20 again. 

Now you see my conundrum with the age question and why if I had to guess how old I am I would probably guess mid 20's . 


Simonette said...

i can totally relate! i think our outlook changes/depends upon our company. when i'm with my close friends and family, i feel younger (i'm 24). i only feel older when i'm stressed, alone, and lonely. or when i'm working on something with some 'serious' people. :)

btw, i found you through 20sb :)

April said...

ha! this totally sounds like me, too. I never did much partying in college and still don't (let's blame it on our spouses, huh?) : )

Anonymous said...

Well, depending on the day, I range from 8-35. At work, I have to be a serious grown up who knows her stuff. At home, I can make fun of you with jokes made up by 8 year olds. Oh, and beat you at Harry Potter seen it when you aren't cheating.