Sunday, May 1, 2011

Couponing, cook outs and cleaning

Has anyone watched that new show on TLC called "Extreme Couponing". That crap is just crazy. Theses people go into a store and pick up hundreds if not thousands of dollars of stuff and end up paying only about 2-10% of the bill. So of course this got me and Gina thinking, "we can do this". We went to the gas station and got a newspaper and grabbed the ones already had and proceeded to Kroger. Let me tell you for the normal people this couponing stuff is hard as hell. The whole time through the store we were either arguing with each other or trying to do math in our heads to see if we would save money or not. Thank god for the 10 for 10 sales because with those we saved about 40 dollars just with the Kroger card. Other than that we only saved about 15 bucks with coupons. WOOOHOOOO SAVINGS. Well all I have to say on the coupons is "might not be worth the trouble."

Next item has to do with friends and cook outs. In the past 2 weeks Gina and I have hosted a cookout and gone to another. The best part is that neither time were we planing on cookouts. It just kinda happened. Us and a few friends would be just sitting around and suddenly one of us would decide that "Hey let grill some burgers". The one we went to last night started out with Patrick and I finding some frisbiees in his garage and just throwing them around. But of course I can't be satified with that. So I went and found a few tubs and some bottles and set them up and Pat and I spent the next hour trying to knock the bottles over. I WON. After we got done eating we went inside and Pat's wife challenged me to a game of Harry potter scene it. Let me tell you something. For the most part. This game is way to easy. What's funny is that while the game started out as Gina and I against Patrick and Megan it ended up being Megan vs. Me. The whole time we were playing we were screaming at each other and the TV. The game took us about an hour and a half to play. Now who do you think won. I will wait a min and let you guess.........................ME, ME, ME, ME, ME,  That's right I won. Suck it Megan. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.  After the game finished she then spent the next 15 min. trying to kill me with pillows from the couch because she swore up and down that she would always kick my butt in anything Harry Potter. Again I say HAHAHHAHA I won.

The last thing to talk about today is the cleaning of our apartment. Now this hasn't yet happened but I can already tell you it is going to suck. Some how Gina always finds several bags of trash for me to take out. (I think she hides some of it from me just to make me take extra trips to the dumpster.) Anyways I can tell you that cleaning day is always the worst day of the week for me so just pray for me guys as I brave the land of broom and dustpan.

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Derrick said...

who has time to clip coupons anymore. It's just easier to buy less. You think cleaning your apartment is tough, we mopped the whole house, dusted, vaccumed, and sanitized just for our kids. That sucks!! LOL!! Your just lazy!! LOL!! But I am too!!