Monday, February 28, 2011

Angry People

Ok, so in my day to day as a cable guy I come across all kinds of people. The worst ones are the ones that always seem to be angry. For instance, for lunch the other day I decided to go to Shoney's. When I walked in there was several people standing around the door, some of which were paying and some who were waiting to be seated. Now here is the part that blows my mind. After a few minuites a waitress walked over to me and asked me if i needed to be seated, what she didn't know was that the lady next to me was there before me. Now that seems to be a simple mistake right. Well not to this lady, she proceeded to chew this waitress a new a$$hole right there in front of her kids(great example to set right).
Now that is just one of the many times I get the privalage of watching people get upset and downright ANGRY over some of the stupidest shit. Well for my message to all who will listen to me I just wanted to say that if you catch yourself doing this stupidest of all acts just remember to step back and think, do i want someone doing this to me at my place of work or even just on the street taking a walk.

Here is a Nickelback video that I think says everything that needs to be said.

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