Monday, February 28, 2011

Early Morning Panic and Power Outages

Don't you love it when the first thing you do in the morning is wake up in a panic? Well thats how my day started. So here I am sleeping like a rock on my day off no less when my brain decides to forget about that important fact and notice that there is a lot of light coming through my window. Next thing I know I am sitting up so fast I am surprised that it doesn't cause whiplash or mild brain damage. After that it takes me a good minute or so to realize that it is my day off. Will someone please tell me why our brains seem to forget what we clearly knew the night before? If you ask me I just think it is gods little way of reminding us that life is too short to just lay in bed all day on you day off. So I guess I will just say this, if your in bed and it is the middle of the day then get up and go do something, at least get up and get dressed. But most of all, HAVE FUN.

So in the last week and a half my apartment has lost power 4 times, one of which resulted in what I called "THE MEXICAN BLACKOUT" (if you scroll down you can read all about that little adventure). The first time we lost power it was during a tornado warning. One in which I was completely content with sitting in my living room watching American Idol and look through the blinds. But unfortunately as soon as the power went out I lost all the background noise i had and was surprised to find myself feeling like a little kid who is scared of the wind and thunder. I then spent the next several minutes in the bathroom with 2 pissed off cats who really did not want to be there and a wife who loves to call me stupid for looking out windows during storms (sounds like fun right). The second one was the outage that sent me to my neighbors  then to Mexican . Thankfully the other two were just shot times with no power. So as I write this i am watching the tv tell me once again that I am part of another warning or watch, I tell you what i will go outside and WATCH the weather and shout a WARNING if something happens :) . Hope everyone in similar situations is safe and has a great day.

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