Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can't decide...Celebrate or Pee my pants

Let's start off with one quick note of personal gratafacition then on to the stuff I want to talk about.
I HIT 1000 VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. Now that I got that out of the way time to tell you what i'm thinking about.

Friday at work I found out that I get to go to gaffing class. Or if you prefer pole climbimg. If you don't know this is when you climb a telephone pole with nothing holding you up except two spikes on you boots. I know, it sounds scary as hell right. That is exactly what I am thinking right now. There is this term in the business call gaffing out. This is what they call the act of one of you spike coming out of the pole which can result in you falling down the pole at whatever speed gravity decides is best. To this I say HOLY CRAP ARE YOU SERIOUS. THAT CAN'T BE GOOD. Thankfully I have such great friends at work who have told me all kinds of stories about people doing this in their classes. (Isn't this nice of them). For example there is this one story that has been told about a guy who was practicing in class and missed a step when he was about 10 feet off the ground and instead of falling backwards he fell forwards which resulted in him getting a new prircing in his cheek thanks to the 6in piece of telephone that decided to imbed itself there.

Now that I have talked about the scary I want to talk about the advantages. The biggest one is that upon completion of this class I will get a raise, which is always a good thing. The second thing I am loving about this class is that is it driving my wife crazy. She swears that she is not going to look at any of my post next week because she doesn't want to see any of this or have a heart attack because of it. The next thing is even though I am scared to death of falling I am literally freaking out with how cool this is gonna be. I'm mean really, how many people do you know that can say that they can climb a telephone pole with nothing except a couple of spikes on their feet.

So for this week I am going to take lots of pictures and try to post an update everyday just to let people know how it is going and weather or not I feel like I'm am going to die.

Below I am going to put a video of a guy pole climbing, Enjoy

Take it easy guys and I will talk to you tomorrow.


violentlyinlove said...

jesus...this sounds terrifying. how high up do they go? something like 40 feet? bravo

Michael Rhinehart said...

it is only about 20 feet but that can still hurt if you fall

Adam said...