Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Little bit of old school

Okay guys, today I felt a little old school. Now for one who is just 25 I can't go to old, right? Well lets let the mind do the looking and the fingers do the walking. Today while at work today I was talking to my dispatcher and for some reason I found myself turning on a song that I used to "BUMP" to in high school and college. With the song below I used put the 10s I had in my S-10 work. If you have a good system I suggest you turn it up now and just let yourself go.

Now after making my dispatcher laugh and having her tell me that I was crazy, I told her that I would slow it down for her and for some reason my Ipod landed on a song that just always make me feel good and want to dance(remember guys I am a white boy from the country so the dancing should scare you)
Now if this isn't old enough for you I present the grand finally and personally one of my favorite songs. If you are anywhere around your significant other stop reading and go get them and get ready for a slow dance.
Ok I got one more for you it's a surprise so just have enjoy.

HAHAHAHA I got you. Have a good night all. 


Derrick said...

Good music!! Could have done with our the zombie!! Didn't get me though.

Anonymous said...