Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Layout, Moving, and Being Followed

Hey guys how is everyone.
As you can see I have done some editing to the site. What I'm am trying to do is get back into web design and wouldn't you know it this blog is a great place to try everything I make out. Let me know what you guys think. I really could use the feedback.

Anyway on to the latest news. Yesterday My friend started moving and I have found myself with mixed emotions. If you have read this before you will know that my neigobers car got broken twice into at our complex and he decided to move. What sucks is that while I am very happy for him and his wife, It really sucks that they are not just going to be in the next breeze way. The move its self was fun. For instance, while we were trying to load the uhaul I got to get his wheelchair out and have a little fun in the truck.
The only parts that actually sucked for me was that for some reason Patrick decided he wanted to hit me any chance he got. No not with his fist but with his furniture. He hit me in my family jewels with a table, my head with a couch, and my shin with a bookshelf. After a few loads we got to relax for a few. Then the cable guy called and let Pat know he was on his way. Now being the cable guy in this group of friends I told them I would hang out and make sure the guy did things right. What I didn't expect was for this guy to funny as hell. And according to all the girls that were helping out "completely sexy". Him and I got along great. And watching him try to hang a new drop to from the street with a huge tree in the way just cracked me up.

After we got done moving our local "Mexican" showed up. He hates it when we call him that.
He is on the left. All the guys sat out in the new garage and just had a good time talking about fishing and hooking something to the wheelchair and seeing how fast we could go. As Gina and I were getting ready to head home Pat started freaking out because he could not find one of his cats. Him and I spent the next few minutes looking all around the house for him and eventually found him in the actic. The only problem was that he did not want to be caught so last I heard he was still hanging out in there.

Now that it was coming up on 10pm Gina and I left and headed home. Less than halfway there I notice this car following us. So I tried to kinda speed up through the turns and see if I could lose them and the fact that they sped up with me is the only reason I got freaked out. When we finally pulled into the complex they followed us to the same building we live at. I looked over and saw 4 big mean looking guys just sitting in their car so I got out of the car and hauled ass down to the apartment and then got my gun out and loaded it. I got the pleasure of being paranoid for the next couple of hours and sat in the living room with the gun more or less pointed at the door. Now nothing ever came of this but what I have talked to the wife about and decided to do is only sign a six month lease on our re-up and at the end of that we are going to move out of this damn city and somewhere safe.

Well on that good note I will talk to you guys later.


Anonymous said...

where ya gonna move?

Michael Rhinehart said...

Wish I knew. Gina says "any suggestions"

Amber said...

near us :)))))))

Beta said...

Oh, now I am worried....

Anonymous said...