Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gaffing Training Day 3

Today was kind of a mix of better and worse.
The better is that for once I made it all the way up and then back down the pole without falling, YEA ME, also I was not hurting as much while at work. THANK GOD. Now for the bad stuff. I still haven't found the happy medium for my gaffs and how high I want them on my leg. Also I was going to take some video and lots of pictures but found out today that I am not supposed to because of some stupid legal reasons. Lets see..... what else????? Oh yea the one time I did fall out of the pole today I was about 6ft up and when I fell, even though I had a harness on, I hit my face on the pole. But its ok everyone at work said a scar there would be an improvement to my current looks. LOL. After getting off of work Gina and I just kinda sat and watched some reruns of Glee while she was making some more bows and things with the glue gun. Now for the funny part. I decided that because I am hurting everywhere that I was going to take a hot bath and try and soak some of the pain away. While getting settled in the tub I decided to light up a cigarette then lay back to read some of the book I am currently on. Unfortunately for me as I laid back a cut on my arm hit the hot water and made me drop my cigarette. And of course it landed in the worse place possible, the middle of my neck. When I tried to pick it up to keep it from burning a hole in me, I picked it up by the lit end and burned my fingers so of course I dropped the damn thing in the bath tub with me. I look up and my wife was trying so hard not to laugh that she had to turn around. But alas she could not hold it forever and just started busting up laughing, or as you kids would say LOL. and could not stop for a few minutes. Don't you just love it when things go the right way for a change? ( Let me know if it happening to anyone else because right now it is not happening to me.)

Alright guys I have rambled on enough have a great night and I will talk to you later.
Oh yea one last note that my wife reminded me about was that we forgot to put up a piece of chicken from dinner last night and when we woke up this morning we could not find it anywhere. Of course we started looking at the cat. But I figured that just like all spoiled brats that they would not have eaten it all but damn if they did not . FAT CATS.

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