Monday, April 25, 2011

Gaffing Training Day 4

Sorry for the delay on day 4 of what ended up being my last day of gaff training. The day itself started out pretty good I finally found a comfortable height for the gaffs on my legs which made it easier to climb. It also made it easier for my right knee to unlock when I was trying to drop my left leg into the pole on the way down. I figured out that the height is what was causing my left leg to miss the pole and that was making me fall out. Anyway the day was going pretty good when right before lunch 2 of the guys in my class decided that they want to go ahead and test out. That's great for them but when there is only 5 people in your class and 2 of them want to go ahead and test and you are still trying not to fall out by using the harness, it kinda makes you look bad, at least to yourself.. Well of course those two did fine then we all went to lunch. After that we thought the rest of us would get to go back up to the hill and practice. Apparently our trainer had other thoughts.(remember this class is supposed to be a 5 day class) after just an hour of being back on the hill our trainer informed us that the rest of us were going to have to test out today to but never gave an explanation of why. This really pissed us off. OK so I go, its my turn and I am freaking out so bad I can feel my heart at the top of my ears. The way up was fine except I did have to stop twice to rest but it was pretty uneventful. The way down however was scary as hell. I was exhausted, freaking out, and had nothing to stop me if I fell. I stopped multiple times to try and catch my breath  but for some reason just could not catch it. About half way down my left foot came out of the pole ( of course it was the left, I think it is out to get me) but luckily I caught my self with my right. THANK GOD. The final product was that I passed. Let me tell you I have never worked so had to get a raise or get ahead in a company than I did last week and I thank god that it is over. Hope you guys enjoyed my life in training guess we will talk to you later.

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