Thursday, April 7, 2011

There is no box

In training the other day me and another guy decided we were going to start acting a little stupid. We got it in our heads that we wanted to play a couple of stoners and start saying a bunch of crazy things. The one dialog we had that stuck with me started out by us telling another guy in class that he "Needs to think out of the box, MAN" . After that it was all over we just couldn't stop our selves. Every time someone would say something stupid or get a question wrong, we would then inform them that they needed to get out of the box. This then morphed, like it does with all stoners, (right). Now we decided to start wondering why there even needed to be a box. I found my self turning into the Cheech and Chong version of the matrix, with "There is no box man!!!"
All I have left to say is GOD HELP ME I really need to get out of training before I go even more crazy.
And I would like to think the special guest Keanu Reeves for the line he provided. hahahaha

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