Monday, April 18, 2011

Gaffing Training Day 1

Today starts the exausting week of gaffing training. And I have to say it is living up to the exhausting part. Today started out pretty good. We started by studying some book work for the safety part of the training. Which while easy, is still completly snooze worthy. We spent most of the morning on the book then went to lunch. After lunch we got our new gaffs,Yaaaaaaaaaaa(note sarcasm). Let me tell you, when you look at these things you just don't see how this little bit of metal and leather is going to hold your ass off the ground. After a little more of the book work we got to go to what we call the summit. It is the place where we have a bunch of telephone poles set up to practice ladders and gaffing.  Today we only got to work with the gaffs for about and hour and in that hour I was sweating like a pig and my arms feel like jello and I keep trying to fall asleep while typing this post. Here is some pictures of today.

This all the spike they say it takes to carry my weight up a pole

My instructor on the pole with no strap

The first casualty of the week, I kinda fell off the pole and my shirt got caught.

This is full gaff.  I know. SO NOT ENOUGH GEAR

Well that's it for day 1 hope you enjoyed. We'll see you tomorrow.


Adam said...

get a set of bashlin gaffs

Derrick said...

just think tomorrow will be the full 8 hours on the summit lol!!