Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gaffing Training Day 2

HOLY CRAP I AM IN PAIN. Today was day two of my gaffing training and let me tell you something, I believe the only thing that doesn't hurt is my belly button but the jury is still out on that. Lets see how did today go. Well to start off with we finished up the book work. Blah. Then we went up to the hill to climb. This is when the fun started. To start with for some reason today I could not seem to quit getting twisted around on the pole which makes things very interesting. The next time you lift your leg to move you twist until you find yourself twisting off the pole. During one of these fun twist I had the pleasure of catching the pole with my arm on the way down.
Now while this doesn't look real bad when you spend the next couple of hours sweating on the cut it hurts like hell. After that the day kinda took on a new kind of hazy of climbing, hurting, falling, hurting, and more climbing. Now closer to the end of the day we got to attempt a 12 ft free hand climb. I did great on the way up except for the fact that my arms tried to give out on me. The way down however is a different story. I kept screwing up which resulted in me doing whats called "gaffing out". Which is the fancy way of saying falling off the pole. Thankfully I was attached to a harness that grabbed me as soon as I fell. THOSES HARNESSESS REALLY HURT THE FAMILY JEWELS. Thankfully I am now at home sitting in my recliner and relaxing . Only problem is I just found a bruise on my leg right below my knee that is really going to hurt tomorrow.

Alright guys guess we will talk tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow is a lot easier.

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Derrick said...

You'll get it!! It gets easier as you go. When I was learning it was tough but the more I did it the better I got. Keep working hard!! And your page looks good!