Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Going through withdrawals and breaking old habits

Anyone else think making good friends is hard enough with out life getting in the way?
Well as some of you know, my friends Patrick and Megan moved out of the apartment complex this weekend. For those of you that don't know this or why, I refer you to two earlier post.
So I will try not to go into to much detail on those specifics. What today is about is just one simple action that I can't seem to get myself to stop doing even though I know better. So Patrick had one of the garages in front of our building. Now on most days I look at that damn door. The reason for this being to see if Patrick is in there working on whatever new project he is working on. I do this because I have been having a great time helping out all the cool stuff he builds. What now suck is that even though I know they have moved out I still find myself looking at the door wondering what he is working on now.

 This last for only a few seconds before I remember that he is not there. ( And I know this sounds a little like a man-crush, and you know what kiss my ass, that is exacaly what it is and I don't care what people say. Our love is pure LOLOLOLOLOL). Now I know They just moved 20 minutes down the road but damn, that is forever compared to the 60 seconds it used to take me to get to his place. So here is what I want you all to do. I want you to pick up your phone, scroll through the contacts, find someone in there that you have not talked to forever because either you or they moved away. Now call them. Find out how things have been, ask about the family, maybe even set up a time to visit or just Skype them. Get some face to face and remember the good times. I have done this before with a great friend of mine, Michael, and trust me it is worth the few minites it takes and the little bit of effort to get back a friend you lost for a stupid reason. Moving away should not be a reason to let a perfectly good relationship go to waste.
If your comfortable doing so comment me and let me know how it went with the reconnect.
I hope you guys have a great day and night and will talk at you soon.


your wife said...

I miss them too :( Love you and I really like this layout a lot better.

Patrick said...

Awe. Sniffles lol. Miss you to buddy. Yea it kinda sucks not being able to do random drop ins. Ive beeen working on the garage so i can move on to the podcast room. ;-) . The turtle cage is in their now. Megan made me a deal that if the turtle goes in the office i get the entire garage. It was a deal i couldnt refuse. Maybe we could podcast in the garage?

Lu3Lu said...

hi, I'm your newest follower. *waves*

Aaaaw this was such a REAL post. loved it.

And I can totally relate. I had a situation where I had a falling out with one of my friends over something so small really but small enough to cause that I guess, and we only made up recently but it really got me thinking about friendships and stuff.

I blogged about it, but kind of had a similar yet different take to your blog. I hope you can check it out.


Michael Reynolds said...

I agree on the layout; it looks good. The colors are relaxing and inviting. Makes you kinda want to just sit and chat.

But yeah, I feel the pain on looking out and not seeing that face that you are super used to. I have a ton of friends who have moved across the state or just a short ways away. It seems that I completely lose touch with them as soon as they leave.

Amber said...

awe mickey :(((