Thursday, March 3, 2011

Breaking and Entering

Ok, this morning sucked. I found out there is every chance that I am going to lose my neighbor soon. Him and I have become pretty good friends over the last year or so. When I walked upstairs this morning to go to work I found him and his wife standing outside just looking at her car. When I walked over there I found out that her car had been broken into, for the second time in 6 months. And this time these jackasses took her computer for work, so not only did they inconvenience them but they also put her job in jeopardy. I mean really why do people have to do stupid and selfish things like this. What can a few idiots with less than one braincell a piece do with an old laptop that is locked up tight, sell it for some crack. I mean really if you are that desperate get a job like the rest of us and buy you junk. at least that way you might pay some taxes and god forbid get off welfare and stop spending the money I work my ass off for because you too lazy. And if I find out these are just a couple of kids with nothing better to do god help me if I find you, because they will have to call the cops to come get me off of you for being such a.... damn I am running out of good adjectives to use for you idiots. So now I call Patrick and he tells me that hell or high water he is moving, and you know what that just really pisses me off to no end. Oh and here is another good part the apartment complex that I live in has a sign that says "This area patrolled by security" HAHAHAHAHAHA what a damn joke.
Well I think I have complained enough so to all a good night, and hopes that all you cars are whole in the morning.

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