Friday, March 4, 2011

Bone Tired

Anybody ever have that day where when you get to work you just know its going to be a great day. Tue sun is shining the birds are singing, and all that other Disney stuff you see on cartoons is going on. Well that was my morning. Now how many times has that been ripped away from you so hard that you are sire you justgot hit by a mac truck. Welcome to the rest of my day. So fun thing one, my first customer was a nice guy but kept telling me that I didn't need to do ALL that work I was doing . Unfortunately yea i did, all two and a half hours of it . Fun thing two. Got yelled at by a guy because apparently we were supposed to be there yesterdayand he wasnt home today so no I could not come over today. Yea me. And the final thing that just put this over today over the edge was my last customer which informed me that yes at 6:30 at night I am supposed to add her new line. Now I don't blame her I blame what ever moron took her call and decided to ignore that fact will setting up her call in the first place. So here it is 10:30 at night and I have been home for all of a hour. Goodnight all hope your day was better, oh yea if you hear a horn tomorrow just jump under the nearest hiding place and let the truck just pass you by. Trust me, it hurts to the bone.
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