Sunday, March 20, 2011

Zoo Day

With todays post I would like to start with one little word from a friend of mine.

Today was a fun day spent with friends. My wife and I went with another couple and their kids to the Nashville Zoo today. It was a great time. When we first got there we went around and saw the meerkats and I think the best part was all the kids running around and asking what everything was and asking if they could get on my shoulders so they could see better. I would have to say the only part that is bad about the Zoo is that when it gets hot it feels like it takes forever to walk around the damn thing. If you want to see all the pictures I took of the animals just follow this link Zoo Day Pics . Now at the end of this trip we let the kids go and play on the playground in the Zoo. Which I swear used to be fun. But now it is alot of work when you have to follow the kids through all of these places that are not built for a fully grown man. But I will admit to laughing a little when I fell flat on my face on the rope ladder/stairs. I quickly stopped laughing when I found out that my friends son had eluded him and I in this stupid tower thing that is barely big enough for 1 kid let alone me. So here we go, pushing kids out of the way racing though this damn maze of jungle gyms, racing to find this kid who thought it would be funny to hide from us for a little while. Thank God we found him sitting on the edge of one of the step leading down to a rope ladder. After all that we went to Fazolis to get some lunch, and while we usually have great service I was greatly considering going back to the Zoo to get one of the monkeys becasuse I bet that he could have done a better job than these people did. But alls well that ends well. So after an eventful day I say my good nights. And wish you all a great day.

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