Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Day In Paradise

Today was just another normal day. Got to work in Franklin this morning just to find out that .......wait for it........wait for it......I got to work in Murfreesboro AGAIN. Which in and of itself is not bad. But for some reason it just seems to be getting on my nerves. Anyways the first part of the day was just like normal its Tuesday so it was time to get new equipment and turn in the old stuff. My first two jobs were actually pretty nice. 1.no dial tone, called and got no answer, knocked on door and customer said everything was working just fine. One word for that "huh". Whatever. 2. Missing Channels, got there to find out she was missing channels she wasn't paying for, easy enough, pay for them or get get used to.  What does that equal out to? An easy morning. Except for that inevitable moment when you realize you have to...lets just say it rhymes with " I have to take a giant number do"and you realize the nearest place is a few miles away. I don't know about you but somehow a few miles can start to feel like a 2 hour drive. So after "dropping the kids of at the pool" , if you laughed great if you didn't then you need to hang out with some younger people, I went to my next job which was pretty routine. the last job however was a little strange. First off the guys apartment was about the size of a Lincoln, just a little taller. He was a really cool guy except for the brief moment when his friend came over to roll a joint with him. I mean really. You can't wait a hour for me to do what I need to do before you do that kinda thing. Come on people don't be that stupid. The best part of this customer was that as I was getting ready to leave he said he was going to ride down to walmart. Then he got on a bicycle and RODE to walmart, weaving in and out of traffic the whole time. Gods what a great day. Hope everyone has a great night and sleep tight.

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