Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just another day...DOH!!!!

Well today seemed to start out pretty normal. Did the whole morning routine before work. But things started off great when i finally got to work. Today I got my yearly evaluation, which came with a good review, a bonus, and a raise. So to this morning i just have to say HOLY CRAP IS THIS A DREAM, I THOUGHT WE WERE IN A RECESSION. So after coming down from the high of the morning I went to lunch, 2 sandwiches, bag of chip, and some fruit snacks(yum). Now here is where the day starts to get cool again. I walk in to my fist job which is to install TV, internet, and phone and the first thing i notice is that in the middle of this apartment there is an old time gas pump and a girl building a desk, I think i must have stepped into an alternate universe for both of these to be happing at the same time. Once I finally got done with that job I then proceeded to cancel my next one and the one dispatch gave me to do to make up for the first one. So with out anything to do my dispatched decided to get me to help my friend derrick work on a pretty massive install. When we finally got to this install we ended up having to replace 4 cable lines, run a new line to the street, redo the entire outside box,replace 2 phone jacks and then install all the equipment. But wait this job was not all bad news, the customer had a full size Simpsons Arcade game in his garage. And yes I did try it out, I mean what kind of idot does not at least try it once.
Well thats my day, take from it what you will and leave the rest for the dogs please.

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Gina said...

You forgot to talk about the maintence workers. LOL.