Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A day of randomness

Today was a little short on blog worthy stuff but here goes.
My first job today should have been a piece cake. Well it didn't quite go according to plan. While I was getting out of the van and trying to set up my ladder I happened to notice that there was a dog next to the house I was working at. I didn't think anything of it. I mean come on in my line of work I see dogs all the time. Now here is the fun part. While I was up on the top of the ladder I looked down and notice that the dog I had scene earlier was sitting at the bottom of my ladder. Now this has happened before but this time he decided to sit there and start barking at me and forced me to stand on top of the ladder for about 10 minutes. Finally after getting bored he went away and gave me just enough time to get the ladder on the truck, throw my tools in the back of the truck before he came back. This time I got stuck in the back of the van for 5 minutes. Thought I would never get out of that driveway but thank god for small favors. Another dog showed up and got the big ones attention and i hauled ass out of there.
At one of my other jobs I nearly made my customer pee herself. After having to climb the ladder at this house at least 5 times to check stuff I was really getting mad and decided to take out some of my frustration, so I started hitting the guy wire between two poles because I love the sound that the wire makes when you hit it. Its kind of like Twaaaaaaaang , Twaaaaaaaang, back and forth down the wire( ah just thinking about it makes me laugh). Well apparently the customer was watching and just thought this was the funniest thing she had seen.
The only other thing i have to say today is something that popped in my head today " The only stupid question is a question you don't ask" and yes I actually told a customer this who asked me if she could ask "a stupid question"

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Amber said...

you need to start using spellcheck are very easily amused btw bahhaha twaaannngggg