Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shopping and Dancing

After getting home at 2am for the club last night Gina and I slept till about 11 this morning and just enjoyed laying in bed and watching a little American Idol on the DVR. About 1 we headed to my friends house to play some games but it seemed we were not expected to actually show up so we ended up watching Faster which was pretty good just not what i thought it was going to be like. After that we went shopping. At walmart I got a new video camera, which I will show some video i shot from it later. Still not sure I will keep this one or take it back for a different one. After that we went to Game Stop. There we got the Kinect for the xbox and a few games. We got Dance Central, Kinect Sports, and the one that cane with it Kinect Adventures. Once we fianlly got home we had our neighbors Patrick and Megan come over to try it out with us. Now to say this was funny does not give the experience justice. Here is a couple of videos.
Now this last video is of Megan catching me recording her. The best part is that she calls me Marcus which is not me but the one friend who is constantly annoying her.

Now the wife and I are just chilling watching starwars. Hope everyone has a great night and we'll talk later.

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