Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just another update

Well today was pretty boring. I spent about 4 hours at my first install today. The only reason that happened was because of Murphy. You know, that thing called Murphy's Law which states  "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". As I was trying to tone out the damn cable lines one of them would not tone. So I took of the wall plate to find that, wouldn't you know it there was no line in the wall. I got the privilege of spending the next hour going in and out of the attic trying to get the most stubborn line in the world to run back into the right spot. After that I finally got to start putting the boxes on the account. The problem is out of the 3 boxes I put on the account 2 of them decided that they did not want to work right, which meant more multiple trips to the truck that wasted more time. After finally getting 3 working boxes on the account I got to start working on the phone and internet. Yea me. Now the internet part was easy but the phone part turned into another kind of hell. After getting dial tone I plugged into the phone jack on the wall and found out that there was a short in the line. Now if any of you have every worked on phone you know what kind of crap it is to deal with. Anyways I got to spend a while longer finding that. And after all that finally done with that.

Now for my last bit of stuff for today is that on my way home I saw what I can only call the best mobile tv source ever.
Notice the dish on the back. My only question is who get to stand out there and adjust it in the rain.

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