Friday, March 11, 2011

Overlooking Tradegy

On this blog I usually try to be funny but tonight I was laying down watching American Idol when a thought struck me. Here I am enjoying my night when on the other side of the world hundreds are dead and thousands cry out for help. In the dessert there has been thousands of deaths of our brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. Thousands more grieve here at home for the fallen. Now what has made me think of all this tonight? Well to start with, My brother Michael is going to be shipped out later this year to Afghanistan. Second on the news I have hearing about the earthquake in Japan. I don't even know anybody in Japan and for some reason I find myself feeling utterly sick at the loss of life. But what I notice is that hardly anyone gives these events and deaths a second thought after the story on the news goes off and switches to the story "State troopers look to drop 'Highway' from name", I mean yes this might be interesting by the smallest of margins, by who really cares except the guys who wear the badges. If that is news then I would like to not be called a cable guy but instead an "RF Signal Technician". Again I simply ask WHO CARES.But just like normal I digress. What I would like everybody to take away from this is simple. When you find yourself bored with your life and wish something would just happen to give you a little excitement. Stop and think of all the people that got a little excitement lately and thank god, have a moment of silence, or whatever your religion or belief will let you do, that your life is not that exciting.

Thank you guys for listening to me on a serious topic.

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