Friday, March 4, 2011

A Little Fun

This may be a strange topic but I thought i needed a little levity in the blog. So have you ever been sitting down to long with your elbows on you knees and you legs fall asleep. Come on guys you know where I am talking about, I like to call it the library. Now when you get up and your feet try to get some blood back to your toes you get that stinging sensation, and i know some might disagree but OH MY GOD THAT HURTS LIKE NOTHING ELSE. Its like stepping on needles for what seems like forever right.This phenomenon just recently happened to me and to keep from falling over I of course grabbed on to my wife who thought it would be funny to move around, which of course makes it hurt that much more. Now here is what I want to know, How would you describe this experience when it happens to you, and come on don't play like it don't ,I 'm watching you.What do you do to get rid of it and how do you screw with people when it happens to them  Leave your response in the comments and lets see who has the best story.

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your wife said...

Love you Honey!LOL