Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Punch in the Nuts

Today started out as a pretty boring day. In fact it was pretty boring until about noon today. Sometime around that I called my dispatcher to try and get some work because I had nothing to do. Well as you can guess after being at work for a few hours with not much to do and having just eaten lunch I was pretty sleepy and I guess I sounded like it. So while I was on the phone with dispatcher ( lets call her Steph) she was giving me a hard time about it. Well after waiting for a while for a job from Steph I finally got off the phone. Just two minutes later I got another call from my old dispatcher ( lets call her a pain in my butt) who thought it would be funny to give me hell about sounding tired in the middle of the day. So after listening to her for a few minutes I finally got to go to my job. Here is the fun part. I rang the doorbell at this house and a little girl answered the door, right behind her was this fairly large dog who decided he wanted to get a running start at my "Jewels" so when he hit I ended up laying on the front porch for a few minutes catching my breath and suddenly sounding like Michael Jackson. Last thing for the work day, now we go to the house where for dinner my wife and I could not decide what kind of chicken we wanted to make so we went with the good old fashioned method of making it up as we went. What we ended up with was four different pieces of chicken. one with a mix of Dijon mustard, bread crumbs, Parmesan,  garlic and an egg to hold it all together. Lets start praying for not getting food poisoning now. The second one had bread crumbs and chili powder. The third had crumbs and steak seasoning, and the fourth had more mustard, garlic, and crumbs. Results are still to come.

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