Thursday, March 17, 2011

I saw Saturn. Holy Crap

Alright guys, today I am not going to bore anyone with my work day. Except maybe for my customer you pretty much admitted to being a celebrity stalker "assistant" for her sister. But that is a story for another night.
So do you remember when you were a kid and you would look up in the sky and and see a star or look at the moon and think "man it would be really cool to go there". Well tonight I got as close to that as I have ever been. My friend Patrick just loves to build things. This time he built a telescope. I came outside tonight to see what he was doing and found him sitting in the grass looking through through the scope. He told me to take a look at Saturn. I was like " oh yea sure like that can happen". Well sure enough I stuck my eye up to the eye piece and looked at Saturn and holy shit I COULD SEE THE RINGS AROUND IT, I actually Laughed Out Loud. LOL.  Seriously how many people can actually say that. This is the first time in a long time that I have felt like a kid. I just couldn't stop looking at it. Then he did something that just blew my mind. He moved the telescope towards the moon. And I tell you what all the pictures in the world will never be able to compete with how it looked through the scope. There is just this moment when you are looking at this stuff and you find that you can't stop smiling. I would have to say if you ever get the chance to look at some of this stuff I would suggest that you jump on it because believe me you will agree that no picture you saw in a science book at school will never again look as good. Hope everyone has a great one.

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