Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday Party-Party Night

Yesterday was my nephews 4th birthday party. It was a great time with lots of family and friends. Last night was fun for me, my wife, and some friends. We went to Momma's Country, yes that is what it is called people, I mean what do you expect in small towns other than a honky tonk. Well Gina and I went out there to me 4 of our friends which would have been great. But what ended up happening was after we got there old friends started showing up. We ended up with 13 people standing and sitting around this really small table, it was funny because with that many people every time the waitress would clean up the table we would all just sit down the bottles we were holding and the table would be full again. The night ended up being a lot of fun. Derrick got really drunk and started laughing at everything that happened around us. All in all the night was a good one, got to dance with my wife which hasn't happened in a really long time. Although something I noticed was somehow my wifes boobs seem to be too big to hug her while dancing.

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