Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Short Weekend and Dying in Class

So when I got to work Saturday I got a call from one of the supervisors telling me that I was going to start the a training class on Monday. Which means one thing. ONE DAY WEEKEND. That sucks. So that Gina and I would get the most out of the one day we went to Gangis Grill to get some good food and to let my wife try something new. It was great. Although I will have to admit I might have put alittle too much spice in it and went through 3 glasses of sweat tea. After that Gina and I went to the Mall to spend some money. All I ended up getting was a new tripod for my camera and I have to tell you that it works great. Now here I sit in class trying not to fall asleep. Not that the class is boring but when you are used to working under houses and such sitting down for 8 hours can make you want to sleep. On top of all that I have some serious sinus stuff going on or I am in the midst of a cold. Either of which sucks. So on that note I will appoligize that I have not posted in a few day. Hope all are having a good day.

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