Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Pain In The Butt

My first job was a business trouble call. I went out there to fix their internet problem. Now to start with when I got there and had to get into the maintenance closet I soon found out that I would get to sit down and wait for the building manager to bring me the key to open the closet, just to find out that what i needed was not in that room. What I needed to find was the splitter that fed the office. Now while in the process of looking through the ceiling tiles, Your going to love this, I was looking in the ceiling while standing on a step-stool that the assistant had given me to use when suddenly I found myself sitting on the floor. Now ask yourself how did this happen. WELL let me tell you. While I was looking around I suddenly heard a loud crack then found myself falling straight down. Now the time it took me to fall was I would guess about a second or less but in that time I got my right arm hooked on the old tv that was below me which in turn made my legs smack against the cabinet doors which then caused me to fall sideways the rest of the way to the floor. Now thankfully I didn't break anything but damn it really hurt. What might suck worse it that after my fun fall I still ended up spending about 2 more hours at this place trying to fix the problem. Finally after that I got to go to my next call which started off great. The two HUGE dogs tied to a tree would not let my van any further than halfway up the driveway but thankfully after getting to the door the customer did not end up being home. After a nice lunch of McDonald's. I went to my next call and almost crapped my pants when I discovered that I was going to have to a 3 lines to this ladies house. But thankfully when she found out how long this job was going to take she rescheduled. At 5:30 I picked up one more job in the hopes of something easy. Unfortunately that did not happen. I ended up having to change a 250ft drop cable by myself just to discover that I was going to have to go under the house. By now it is 7:00pm. Thank god the customer had to go somewhere because he rescheduled the rest of the job. Well there you go the day from hell. Hope you enjoyed.

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